Residential Projects:
  • Pace Island/Habor Island: 706 single-family lot development
  • Sweetwater Creek/Sweetwater Creek South: 1138 single-family lot development
  • Odom's Mill/Plantation @ Ponte Vedra Country Club: 638 single family lot development, golf course & amenities
  • San Jose Manor: H.U.D. multi-family housing development
Commercial Projects:
  • Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville: Boundary survey & facilities mapping
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel (Fernandina Beach): Boundary survey & facilities mapping
  • Lakes at Mayport Apartment Complex: Boundary survey & facilities mapping - 216 units
  • Phillips Commercial Park: platting and infrastructure layout
  • Crossroads of Mandarin Shopping Center: Boundary survey & facilities
  • Jacksonville Port Authority's Cecil Commerce Center: Boundary mapping survey & facilities mapping    



Our Residential Services include:

Subdivision Platting
Boundary and topographic surveys to meet ALTA/ASCM and client requirements
Jurisdictional wetland line location mapping
Mean High Water line determination
Tree Surveys to comply with governmental and/or client specifications
Subdivision platting and administration
Residential construction layout and as-built mapping
Conceptual analysis mapping for project feasibility
Retracement surveys
FEMA flood zone determination and Elevation Certificates
Condominium graphics
Litigation exhibits
Easement mapping

Our Commercial Services include:

Subsurface utility designation, location, and low impact excavation
Environmental concerns mapping (wetland mitigation, wells, and boring sites)
Layout and as-built mapping of apartment and office complexes, shopping centers, industrial sites, etc.
In-depth title research and determination
Support for architectural needs
Submerged land lease documents
Specialty site surveying and mapping, including cemeteries, aviation sites, municipal parks, tunnels, etc.


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