Clary & Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in all aspects of professional surveying & mapping. Our expertise includes residential & commercial development as well as transportation projects of all sizes.

With an emphasis on large, multi-phase subdivisions, we are well-versed in all of the survey and mapping needs of the developer to insure seamless project completion. Clary also specializes in commercial sites, providing necessary services for specific client needs at any stage of development, acquisition, or transfer.

Clary & Associates, Inc. has broad experience in all types of commercial real estate surveying, including apartment complexes, lodging facilities, shopping centers and malls, business parks, and industrial sites.

Our Government Sector provides Transportation Surveys to meet the FDOT standards & requirements. Clary is qualified by the FDOT to complete a wide range of surveying and mapping on all types and sizes of Transportation Projects. Clary is also experienced in providing Utility Location of subsurface utilities.






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