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Thank you to everyone who donated. Please visit the site below for more information on J.P. Hall, Sr. Children's Charity.

Since 1981 the J.P. Hall, Sr. Children's Charity has been giving away toys at Christmas time. The first year, 75 children received toys from the newly formed charity. Now, more than two decades later, more than 2,500 children flock to the Clay County Fairgrounds each year to benefit from the annual event.

Each year the Charity helps provide toys, clothing, food and other Christmas goodies to Clay County families. The Christmas party, held early in December, has made the holidays a special time for more than 30,000 children over the past two decades.

Just one visit to the annual event is enough to know that the charity's work is well received. Lines form well before daylight, usually making it a long and sometimes cold wait. Once the children make it inside the building, they are greeted by enthusiastic volunteers and the sounds of holiday music. A visit from Santa Claus, a bag full of new toys, the opportunity to choose a used toy, and a chance to take home one of hundreds of donated bicycles, makes the day special for adults and children alike. On the average, more than $50,000 is spent on toys and volunteers work year-around to ensure that the party is a success.

A donation of only $30.00 will buy five little girls their own baby doll and only $55.00 will buy footballs for six boys!


Since 1979, Second Harvest North Florida's mission has been to reduce hunger in the community by creating partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Second Harvest distributes food to more than 500 member agencies in north Florida. Member agencies include soup kitchens, food pantries, senior citizens groups, nonprofit daycares, youth programs, residential facilities and many others.


"As Surveyors and Mappers, the professional responsibility entrusted to us by our forefathers of this God given nation, demands no less than the highest level of commitment, honor, and integrity to insure the proper care of this great
land we call home."

— Gregory B. Clary
Clary & Associates, 2002


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